Web Development

Powder Silk Web Development

Unique & Custom Web Design

Our websites aren’t templated blogs. We take the time to meet with you in person and discuss in detail what your website needs to be able to do. Then we can present you with an online solution that meets all of your individual needs and requirements, and more. We’ll also cover all the basics - like making sure your website works perfectly in all the major browsers on both PC and Mac. We’ll even setup a Google Analytics account for you and install a tracking code so that you can keep an eye on your traffic and search keyword trends.

Technology & Innovations

Technology and Innovations

Kiosks, Shopfront Window Touchscreens & More

Are you looking to increase your interactivity with potential customers? Do you want to make it easier and more inviting for people to start the decision making and buying process before even talking to your salespeople? Interactive touchscreens are an excellent way to get people into your store. They allow people to explore their options and make their own choices using an advanced and intuitive search function. This is something that is becoming more and more popular in modern society.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Increase Your Website’s Traffic and Visibility

By advertising on Google, you can drastically increase the number of visits to your website. This will improve your online presence, as well as assist with your search engine rankings, and improve your overall brand awareness. Additionaly, with image ads, you don’t even need people to click on the ads to raise awareness about your brand. Just seeing your logo on ads around the net will keep your brand on the back of potential customers’ minds for next time.

Mobile Apps

Powder Silk Mobile Apps

Target the Modern Everyday Shopper

Mobile apps aren’t just games for kids, and they don’t always have to be limited to a specific device platform either. Just having a mobile version of your website can be enough to keep your customers coming back, instead of giving up on a service that’ too difficult to use on their mobile device. Research has shown that people today are more and more likely to choose the convenience of their mobile device over the family desktop machine.

Custom Software

Are your looking for something new and different? Perhaps your business needs a custom solution to simplify your everyday tasks, something you just can’t buy off-the-shelf? If you’re burning hundreds of hours on something that a program should be able to do for you, give us a call, we’ll be all over it.

Other Services

Believe it or not, we can do a whole lot more than just what we’ve highlighted on this page. We also provide many other services including logo design, brand identity, packaging/labels, game development, animation, SEO, data conversion & reporting, eCommerce, and more. Contact us for more information.